September 25, 2014


When the weather starts to get cooler in the fall and we start dressing in layers,
I like to do the same with our bedding.

This year, I have several layers starting with a top sheet and then a lightweight quilt.
Next is a very soft and snuggly blanket followed by my toile comforter
at the foot of the bed.
Now we're ready for those chilly nights.

Adding the light brown tones of the pillows and blanket creates a warmer
feeling too, I think.

Here are a few more changes I made in the room to tie in with the bedding.

I love these wood frames that are from Target.
I added some prints I already had and placed them above the
dressers one each side of the bed.

In this corner, I placed my black wicker rocking chair with plump pillows
and a basket.  We really needed more lighting in this room, so I purchased a
 floor lamp for this corner as well.

I have a lot of patterns in this room and I really like how it looks.
I'm using my pillow shams and rug that I shared with you in this post.
The rug adds another layer of comfort too.

I'm usually pretty darn tired when bedtime rolls around
so I love having a snuggly bed to fall into at night.

So now, the only problem is making myself get out of bed in the morning!  : )

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September 19, 2014


Hi Everyone,
Since the kids went back to school, I have been motivated to do some cleaning and organizing that I didn't get to over the summer.  Nothing exciting, but it feels good to have my house back in order.  I know you can all relate.

I would like to share my one gardening success this summer before it's too late.
At the end of May, I planted white geraniums in the planters on our front porch.

They get lots of sunshine here and I gave them some Miracle Gro a couple times.
Other than that, just lots of water and they are happy campers, growing like crazy.

I snip off the blooms when they start turning brown so the plants energy
can go into making more flower buds.

I hope they last a while longer. 

As soon as we have a frost, that will be it for this year.

So I'm going to enjoy them as long as I can.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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August 30, 2014


About three years ago, I showed you how I turned this little cubby unit

and this bench

into a sort of mudroom area by our back sliding doors.

We never really ended up using it much for its intended purpose 
so I decided to move it to our entryway.
When we have guests this winter (just pretend I didn't say "winter")
it will be handy to hang their coats here.

Our entryway isn't terribly large and this bench is not very deep
 so it fits nicely without making it too crowded.

I had a little fun accessorizing too!

I kept the wall by the door fairly simple with just my large window frame,

a pot of geraniums, and a few other things I had around the house.

The picture below is the view I see from the kitchen.

 And this is what you would see from our living/family room.

So now that we're ready for visitors, come on over!
"The Boss" is watching for you!!

Thanks so much for coming by!

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August 23, 2014


Good Morning Everyone,
Today I'm over at Must Love Junk as Susan's Saturday Spotlight.
I just love Susan and her blog ~ you can just tell she is the sweetest person!
I hope you can pop on over and read about my big secrets . . . well, maybe not
big, but there are a couple things you probably don't know about me and may
just surprise you a bit.
If you click HERE, it will get you there!  ; )

I also want to show you the most darling little guest cottage
I think I have ever seen. 

When you see the inside, you won't believe it was originally a grain shed!

Adorable, right?
I think this would be a dream come true for anyone who loves
 cozy cottage retro style.

There are so many cute details like the exposed rafters, chippy furniture, 
and of course the blue vintage stove.

Such a sweet little bed with its pretty quilt.
Notice the little window up in the rafters.

Wouldn't this be a fun place to spend a couple nights?
I sure think so.
I hope you enjoyed seeing it.