August 19, 2014


When we remodeled our 2nd floor bathroom,
a dormer was added to the front of our house to be able
to enlarge the bathroom.  We also added a portico over the front door.
I realized that I've never shown you how it all turned out on the outside.

~ so here is what it looked like prior to the remodel ~

~ and here is what it looks like now ~

What do you think?

We're so happy with how it turned out.

We had a new roof and new siding done at the same time ~ things that were badly needed!

I especially love how the portico turned out.
I think it adds a lot of character and charm.

Of course there are still things I would like to change.
I would love a different style of front door, paint the porch, maybe
add some shutters and window boxes, add to the landscaping, etc.
We will get to those things eventually but for now we are
enjoying the new look of our home.

Can you find "The Blog Boss" in the photo below?

I'm so glad you came by ~ all of your visits are so appreciated!

Have a wonderful day!

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August 10, 2014


I just received an order I had placed with The Outlet at Pine Cone Hill
and I wanted to let you know about the great deals they have.
This isn't a sponsored post, just wanted to share this with you.
If you're looking for any kind of bedding, rugs, pillows, table linens, etc.,
you should check it out.  The prices really are outlet prices.

See what I got?

I love Dash and Albert rugs but they can be a bit expensive. 
I was able to purchase this denim and ivory rug in a 4x6 for $78.

 Another rug, this 2.5x8ft runner was $45.
I really love the brown and blue plaid of this one.

I also bought two of these beautiful euro shams for $11 each.
Can you believe that?
They're 26 inches and just so pretty.

The reverse side has this dainty small print and tie closures.

Many of the items are only available in limited sizes but if you
find something you like and will work for you, it's a great deal.
If you're interested in looking, just click on the link below. 
Can you guess where I am using the items I purchased?
Of course it's not too hard to imagine that the euro shams
will be used in our master bedroom but you'll just have to
wait and see where the rugs are going!  : )

Now I need to find some inexpensive euro sham inserts!


P.S.  I forgot to mention that shipping is free on all orders too!

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August 6, 2014


I made a few changes at the end of the hallway 
that leads to our master bedroom.
After all, it had been the same way since January!
Can you imagine??

this is the before . . .

. . . and here it is now.

The screen is an amish herb drying rack.
I purchased it over a year ago at a shop we stopped
at while on vacation.  
I bought it to use as wall decor but just
never found the right spot for it until now.

 This hallway is kind of narrow so hanging the screen
horizontally gives the illusion of the space being a little wider.
I did dry brush a little white paint on the actual
screen to give it a little softer look.
I love the smooth, aged wood of the frame too.

I added my HOME sign on top.
Don't you think they look good together?

I kept the white porcelain birds and added 
my topiary to the little table.
(We'll pretend the annoying light switch isn't there, okay?)

I'm glad I finally found a spot for the screen.

Do you like the change?

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July 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,
Today I am participating in a blog tour that you have probably
seen going around blogland.
First, I want to thank Julia at Vintage with Laces for her
very kind introduction last Monday.

~ here's a little peak at her blog ~
This is Julia's creative space so you know some wonderful
things are coming out of that room!

Look how she covered the drawers of this chest with
vintage atlas pages ~ isn't that just so cute?

And look at this bag ~ I mean, how creative is that?

Stop by Vintage with Laces to see more of Julia's
amazing creations.

Now I get to answer 4 specific questions about myself  ~
okay, try to control your excitement!!

1.  What am I working on right now?
I am primarily working on freshening up a couple spaces in our home.
I recently put a fresh coat of paint on two of our living room walls
so of course that called for changing the wall decor ~ still working on that.
Also, I have felt like adding some warmer colors to our master bedroom
so I have been looking for some inexpensive ways to do that with bedding
and accessories.  I love shopping around for just the right touches.

2.  How does my work differ from others in this genre?
My style of decorating doesn't differ all that much from many others,
after all, I get a lot of inspiration from all of the creative bloggers out there.
I do think I put my own personal touch on things.
 I use a lot of blue in my home.  It is my all time favorite color.
I love the soft shades of blue and I'm starting to see more of that
in other bloggers' homes.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?
I have always been a nester, even as a child I loved to create cozy spaces.
When HGTV came along, my passion for decorating really took off.
Also, I have always loved to see inside other people's homes so when I
discovered decorating blogs, I was hooked.
Initially I started my blog out of curiosity about what other people would think
about my decorating style but of course it has become much more than that.
It's a wonderful community of people who share a common
interest and are so supportive of each other ~ love that!

4.  How does my creating process work?
I am a very visual person so I am constantly looking around my
home and thinking of things I would like to change or improve
 or how I could use something I already have in a unique way.
Honestly, the decorating part of my brain just never shuts off!  : )

Now I am very happy to introduce three bloggers to you.

First up is Lori of THRIFTY DECOR MOM.
  Lori lives in my home state of Ohio and we found each other
shortly after I first started blogging.
  Lori has a beautiful home and you would never
know that it has all been done on a thrifty budget.
You should see how she (with some help from her very handy hubby) 
turned their dining room into a library ~ so pretty.
  Lori loves the color aqua so you will see that throughout her home.  
Creative organization is also something I admire about Lori.
She has such great ideas for storage and organization while making it all 
look beautiful and without spending a lot.

I recently discovered the blog RESTORED TREASURES TOO.
This is Rhonda's blog and she also lives in Ohio.
Rhonda is a very talented lady.  She loves to restore treasures that she finds
 while out junking into beautiful pieces for her home.  Also, as a self-taught artist,
 she has painted gorgeous murals in clients' homes.  You can click
 on the "Murals" tab on her blog to see some of them.
Sometimes Rhonda and her hubby team up to build amazing things
like a headboard made with old shutters and a settee from a twin bed frame.
Recently, Rhonda and her husband created a beautiful and functional
pantry that you must see ~ you will be very envious!  : )

Another blog I am loving is LOVE MY SIMPLE HOME.
Julie is not from Ohio but I won't hold that against her! : )
I really love the whole idea that you don't have to live in a 
mansion or have the most expensive things to love your home.
Julie has filled her house with items that she loves and have special meaning
 to her.  She uses inexpensive finds to create a beautiful and comfy home.
  She can even make a cardboard box look good!
You should see how Julie refreshed her small entryway this spring
with some shabby, colorful pieces and beautiful fresh flowers ~ really pretty.  
Julie gets a little help from her kitty manager too ~ I can relate! 

I hope you have time to visit these three ladies.
I think you will love them as much as I do!

Thank you so much for joining me on the tour ~ I hope I was a good guide!  : )
The tour will continue next Monday throughout the land of "blog" - hee, hee!

~ joining ~